David Page is an itinerant minister and missionary from the United Kingdom residing in the United States.  He ministers worldwide and has traveled to sixteen countries, teaching and preaching in churches, Bible schools and conferences.  Throughout David's travels, the Lord has used him to teach and preach the Word of God with many signs, wonders and miracles following, including healings and deliverances.

In 2007, the Holy Spirit led him to become the pastor of a small rural church in northwest Missouri. In a town with a population of 187 people, David moved to Missouri for $100 a week to pastor this congregation of fourteen adults and children.  It was during this time that David learned how to follow God in growing a church His way, with the same results that were seen 2,000 years ago in the Book of Acts.  Working with the leading of the Holy Spirit, the result after eleven years is a church of over 100 members, growing and excited about the Word of God and the Holy Spirit and reaching out to their community.  (You can find the full story of Open Door Christian Center on Amazon.)  

With David's experience in missions, evangelism, teaching, pastoring and Holy Spirit revivals, he has learned and experienced things about the supernatural that continues to help him today as he ministers to others with the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

David is an ordained evangelist/pastor with The Foursquare Church, which has thousands of churches worldwide.  In addition to traveling, God uses him in the healing ministry and He is currently on an assignment in the USA, ministering weekly at Elim Foursquare in Camdenton, Missouri.
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